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A little bit about me...

Suzan trained as a newspaper journalist before moving into TV where she worked on a variety of ITV news and lifestyle programmes and was Series Producer of ITV’s daytime show “Loose Women”.

In 2000 she launched her own company ‘Dramarama’ teaching theatre skills to children aged 7 -11 years. She ran her ‘Dramarama’ company for ten years. During this time she began writing original scripts for her classes and staged several adapted and original productions.
Between 2012 – Jan 2015 she worked as writer/director for a large youth theatre group of 11 – 18 year olds and created three critically acclaimed new productions .
Suzan’s original stage scripts for her shows have been sold to theatre groups all over the world.

She has worked as a theatre producer for Brendan O’Carroll, (BBC TV’s Mrs Brown) developing comedy play projects. 
Her latest play ‘Shake It Up Baby’ a comedy drama about a Beatles fan who tries internet dating, will be performed at The Unity Theatre, Liverpool on September 23/24 2016. See reviews below.

A rehearsed reading of an extended version of the play was performed at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre in May 2017. Suzan has several other theatre plays in development and says: "My new ideas all involve popular culture references, comedy and music - I write about what I know but I also write the shows I would love to go and see. Let's just hope I'm not the only one!" She has recently completed her first film screenplay 'Rock n' Rose' which she describes as a ‘rock n roll fairytale’. She is now adapting the story, set in Memphis, Tennessee into a novel.

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Shake It Up Baby 


Bev has always loved the Beatles but kissing a poster goodnight isn’t really an option when you’re a fifty-something mum of three.

Tired of being alone, Bev ventures into the unknown world of internet dating.

All she wants is a nice man who’ll share her passion for the Fab Four and be there to hold her hand along the way.

Is it really too much to hope for?

What she gets is a lot more than she bargained for. (Good job she’s got a sense of humour … she’s going to need it!)

“Shake It Up Baby” explores life, love and lonely hearts in the suburbs of Liverpool and asks – Is life better if you play safe?... Or is it worth taking a risk?

Is Bev’s attempt to ‘shake things up’, brave …or foolish?  Will she end up with just what she deserves?


SHAKE IT UP BABY - SEPTEMBER 23/ 24 2016 as part of the TICKET TO WRITE FESTIVAL, Liverpool.

Location: The Unity Theatre - Liverpool
Tickets £10 AND £12 : TO BUY Click here

Winner - 'Best New Play' - North West Theatre Awards 2015.

Unity Theatre Reviews:

“Suzan Holder’s exceptional play is in perfect hands in the director, Francesca Goodridge, and the exceptional cast; a play which captures the heart of love and allows music to keep the soul grounded; a true arrow in the bow, one that hits the spot on each delivered line.”
Rating 9/10.

“...undeniably enjoyable, laugh-out-loud, good-natured fun, driven by good writing and some great performances. It would be no surprise to see it graduate to the Royal Court in future.”

“It’s a comedy with heart and a treat to watch. If you ever get the chance to see this show, I’d highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a testament to the talent in our theatre industries today; superbly written, exquisitely presented and brilliantly performed.”
Rating: 5 stars

“...had the audience roaring with laughter and applause”
Rating: 4 Stars

Manchester Reviews:

Shake It Up Baby teeters on the innocent line between courage and naivety and asks the often ignored questions from a single woman “of a certain age”.

LOOK AT LAST NITE - My review of "Shake It Up Baby" by Diane Daley
Having already seen Suzan's last three pantomimes, I was pretty sure that if "Shake It Up Baby " was only half as good as Cinderella, Aladdin and Peter Pan, then we were going to be in for a treat. Read more...

We were not disappointed! What a brilliant play!

To be fair to Suzan and to future audiences, I won't be giving anything away about the plot or the outcome. You can read the authorised bits which are available on the Internet, that will tell you all you need to know about the storyline.
" They" say that if you want to be a successful writer, write about what you know, and Suzan has done just that. Whilst this is a work of fiction, you know that it's based on some truths. . . .

The story is set in present day Liverpool and for the most part, the play was very funny, it was a lorra lorra laffs! (my best Scouse spelling!) The characters were very believable, we all know somebody like them.

"Bev" was the main character. You really rooted for her, laughed and cried with her - there were some sad bits too. I readily identified with some aspects of the story. In fact, it was almost as if Suzan had somehow got inside my crazee head and turned my thoughts into words for the play - it was "that real" to me!

The actual venue itself was small and intimate, seating around 60 people, so you felt like you were "right there " and part of the story. The acting of the entire company was great, with the other three actors playing multiple roles.

The music speaks for itself, THE soundtrack of the 1960s. I might be a bit biased but in my opinion, anyone who doesn't like The Beatles has got to be stark raving bonkers! I've had a huge crush on "the cute one " since 1963.

My friend Chelle and I both really enjoyed the show. It's a fab play that we highly recommend. You don't have to like the Beatles to enjoy it, but it helps. I do hope it goes on to become a big success for Suzan, she deserves it.

Three cheers for the author!

As ever at the Three Minute Theatre, the production was spot on and special care was given to setting an atmospheric scene down to the last detail. .


Contact: Max Emmerson: info@maxemmersonproductions.com

CAST – Rehearsed Reading, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre – May 17 2017

Sue Jenkins

Playing: Beverley

Michael Starke

Playing: Scott

Hayley Hampson

Playing: Multi-Role

Julian Feria

Playing: Multi-Role

Gemma Brodrick-Bower

Playing: Multi-Role


Francesca Goodridge

Francesca trained at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, graduating with a BA Hons in Acting, and was awarded the 'Acting Prize for Ensemble'. Read more...

Since graduating she has worked as an Actress, Singer and Director. She is currently the Trainee Director at The Other Room Theatre in Cardiff.

Assistant Director credits include; Love Steals Us From Loneliness (Kim Pearce, Camden’s People’s Theatre), St Nicholas (Titas Halder, TOR ), Constellation Street (Chelsea Gillard/Dan Jones, TOR).

Directing credits include; SHOUT! THE MOD MUSICAL at LIPA, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and most recently at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. Adam and Eve and Steve, Edinburgh Festival 2016.

She is also Artistic Director of Ticket to Write Festival (Liverpool) this September, before starting rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty at Torch Theatre, Pembrokeshire where she will play 'Maleficent’.


Max Emmerson 

Max graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2015 where he studied Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management. Read more...

Whilst at university, Max produced a variety of shows including Musicals, Plays and Dance performances. With a passion for musicals, in 2014 he produced SHOUT! THE MOD MUSICAL in Liverpool, which transferred to 2014’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. SHOUT! returned to Edinburgh in 2015, with the support and backing of Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre. In July 2015, Max was the first recipient of the Antony Field Producer Prize. In May 2016, Max Emmerson brought SHOUT! to Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre for a 3 week run as his professional debut.

Other production credits include: Dirt, Roses, Animals & God (Norwegian Tour, Summer 2015), Jekyll & Hyde (UK Tour, Spring 2015), Sunset Song (Scottish Tour, Autumn 2014), Adam and Eve and Steve (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016).

Suzan Holder plays available to buy:

Purchase here or click any of the images below to take you directly to www.lazybeescripts.co.uk 

Some of the most enjoyable times of my life have been spent working with young people ‘putting on a show’. The amount I have learned from working with them will always far outweigh anything at all I have ever managed to teach them. Their talent, good humour and ability to always surprise made every single moment of working with them a joy. (Okay, perhaps not EVERY single moment but you know what I mean!)

Several years ago I began to write my own original scripts for some of the youth groups I was working with. Those scripts are now available to buy (through www.lazybeesscripts.co.uk) and have been bought by organisations worldwide and performed in places as far and wide as Canada, Chile ...and Coventry.

When adapting such classic stories as Cinderella, Aladdin and Peter Pan I believe it’s important to keep the story-telling clear and simple. Those stories have lasted so long for a reason you don’t want to change them beyond recognition. However, it is enormous fun to find your own way to tell them, inventing extra characters and adding comedy and musical suggestions along the way.

My first original story script is also available to buy, Keep Smiling Through is a show within a show. Set in a theatre in World War 2 it was written to help teach junior school children about wartime in Britain. It ended up being a hugely popular comedy drama with a fabulous selection of suggested music from the era.

All of the shows are suitable to be performed by young people or adults and are family friendly in every way. See below for further details of how to buy:

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In this telling of the classic rags to riches story Cinderella is helped by talking mice Bubble and Squeak and a Fairy Godmother who hates talking in rhyme.

Her romance with Prince Charming is hindered by the usual chaos and confusion and ugly sisters Prosecco and Mojito! 

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Aladdin – Adventures in the East

Aladdin is sure there is more to life than washing dirty socks in the Twankey laundry ...somewhere in the mysterious 'East'.

A big headed Genie of the Lamp helps Aladdin win the heart of Princess Jasmine, assisted by Ring Genie Jennie who thinks she works in a call centre.



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Peter Panto

Awarded as 'Most Original Youth Production Concept', 2015, by the Association of Community Theatre (ACT).
A humorous take on the traditional heart warming story, all the usual characters with Mrs Hook the Cook and a sinister talking Crocodile.

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Keep Smiling Through

A musical play set in a theatre in WW2, all the big name stars from Vera Lynn to Flanagan and Allen are putting on a show in the middle of the blitz.

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Coming Soon - Peter Pan – Now in Neverland

A modern re-telling of the classic story, all the agonies of growing up explored with Lost Boys, mean girl Mermaids and pirates who want to be rockstars.

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